Friday, August 22, 2008


...or 30 days til the first day of Autumn?! It's hard to believe how fast the seasons fly by. I have three more antique flea markets scheduled for this year... Allegan on Sunday, August 31, Burley Park Monday, September 1 and then the last one closer to home at the Corunna Founders Day celebration on Saturday, September 6th...and then it's all over...til next summer!

I have a couple of things that have been on the back burner for too long! I need to get them off before they burn!! HaHa. One, is that back in June I had promised some readers that I would do a tour of our house...circa 1885.

I think it's now or never! So next week I will post a little tour of the interior of the house. I cleaned it just for if you were one of those wanting to be invited in...consider this your invitation. Monday...lets say early afternoon;)

The next thing that has been on my to do list way too long is my blog shop! I can't believe it was June 10th (I must have been crazy that week) that I announced I would be opening one...and haven't done a thing to it yet! So right here...right now, I am committing...for better or worse, to have that shop up and running by September 15th. Technically that is still I haven't totally shamed myself...yet! I'll have it open just in time to close it for vacation! lol! That's right I am going on vacation! I can't wait!!

I'll be spending part of the time in Winter Park with friends...I can already hear the Aspens quaking...ahhh:)

For any of you watching my Etsy and ebay stores in total boredom...sorry:( I have just not had enough time to keep them updated and fresh over the summer. But...I will fix that! By the first week of October I will be listing new inventory daily! I've found lots of new fun things this summer that I can't wait to show you:D

I also want to hep y'all to Sandra Ree's post today. It's Flashback Friday at Bubble Babble and she has a fun 80's video to share! I think you might enjoy it!!

Have an awesome weekend everyone and...

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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