Wednesday, August 27, 2008


...Alrighty then, shall we head upstairs?

I'd like to point out the rug keepers...I can't believe all these little wooden keepers have survived right along with the house! I love their little brass end caps.

This is the upstairs hall. Originally this would have served as a sitting area. At one time it had its own wood burning stove and would have been a wonderfully warm place to sit on winter evenings and work on your needlepoint. The bookcase is not original to the house. It, as well as the shelves by the mantel downstairs, were built by my husband Kevin. I think he did a wonderful job, as most people assume they are both original. If you notice the ceiling up to the left of these shelves...that would have been the access to the tower room that you see in the photo of the house circa 1910.

Speaking of needlepoint...the little footstool in front of the Mission rocker was done by Kevin's maternal grandmother. I've been told that this was the one and only piece of needlepoint she ever did. I think she did a very beautiful job! The rocker belonged to his paternal grandmother.
If you notice the floors, you'll see that they are not as formal as the floors in the main "public" areas of the house. I call these patchwork pine floors...because it didn't seem to matter how short a board was...everything got used...resulting in a very patchy effect. They have been repainted and were originally brown. I refer to this part of the house and the kitchen as being private areas of the house because you can see where the majority of the money was spent...which was the four main rooms downstairs. Those rooms were obviously meant to impress guests. The remaining areas...not so much...mainly just functional and comfortable.

At whatever time the electric lighting was put in however...they continued with beautiful fixtures up here as well. Although much more understated.

If you'd like to go into the bedroom to your right...this is our main guestroom. The old cast iron bed came with the house and the pink cabinet was my grandmothers...I always remember it being in one of the bedrooms of her house.

Everyone asks about the antler hanging from the window is a caribou antler found while camping in Alaska. 

I've always had a thing for hats:)

I would love to have the time to strip all the hinges in this house. You can see how lovely they are even thru all that paint.

Another lovely shade in this room.

A little painting I adore...that's how I would prefer to spend my days! haha.

This is my actual "dream home". As you can see it's perched in a dune. It is just across old highway 2 from Lake Michigan. I've loved this house since I was a mother photographed it and sent it to me when I lived in Colorado...I wonder why? haha;) Ahhh...someday.

Ok...right across the hall we have another bedroom. This room really isn't fit for viewing. I can't seem to get even one good shot of it's a mess. This is another "guest" bedroom...but really my crafting/sewing/general mess making room.

Look, I've already buried my old metal table. I knew it wouldn't take long! Ok, quick...lets get out of here.

There is a third bedroom on this side...but it's my husbands office and off limits! So we'll just go over on the other side of the stairs into that little sitting area. That's one of my great grandmothers kitchen chairs sitting in the corner. My great grandmother made the best wool socks, always had Thin Mints for me and made homemade bread that was to die for!

That of course would be the bathroom. We did a lot of work in there. Yes, I've killed some more house plants! Guess I should have gotten new ones before I offered a tour to the world! Oh well.

More kitsch! How could I not use grandma's mermaids?! She made those in ceramics class and was very proud of them back in the day! I love them...and her.

Thru here is the master bedroom. I collect Christine Custom Bags and you can see a few of them sitting on top of the window ledge.

The two quilts on the foot board are ones from each of my grandmothers. The diamond patterned one was handmade by my maternal grandmother. She started it when I was 13 for a wedding gift and lucky for her I didn't get married til I was 33...because she just got it finished the winter before my wedding. She had it hand quilted by a group of Amish women here in Michigan. The other one is from my paternal grandmother. It is one of two quilts she bought for me, hand done by women near her hometown in Missouri.

The rug in this room is a garage sale find! I love it!! I stripped the floors in this room. I really like them and would love to strip all the floors upstairs. But no way! That was a miserable job!!

I also love to collect pottery vases, planters and flower pots.

Let's head back downstairs....

We'll finish up our tour in the kitchen on Friday....

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™

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