Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This past weekend I set up on one of our states yard sale trails...The Blue Water Antique Yard Sale Trail. I love YSTs...but this one seems to be unlucky for me. I have done it twice and twice I have been rained on. Not just rained...but poured accompanied by major winds.

I had intended to set up in Caseville, so that's where I headed on Thursday morning. But in Caseville I found only 2 sales setting up. Being a little concerned about participation on this side of the peninsula, I drove on looking for an area with a few more people. I drove for about 150 miles! Nothing! I ended up back where I had been last time in Lexington. Tons of people there...but what happened to the rest of the trail? Very disappointing.

So I set up in Lexington Thursday night and had a wonderful day on Friday. Beautiful weather, lots of crowds and plenty of sales. A fun day! That evening after closing up shop for the day I hopped on my bike and road into town. Lexington is a cute little town on the shores of Lake Huron. I stopped in at the local Subway to grab a sandwich and headed for the town park. On Friday nights in the summer they have music in the park. A lovely setting for dinner.

A jazz quartet was playing.

Nice crowd.

After dinner I took a ride down to the marina...

...to check out the boats. I love sailboats.

I rode down to the beach...

...for a stroll. It never ceases to amaze me just how huge the great lakes are. Really more like inland seas.

The water is unusually muddy looking today...all the chop is stirring up the sand. That didn't bother the swimmers.

Or the Gulls.

I love the old cottages perched on the bluffs.

What a beautiful day!

Saturday morning looked like another fine day. I snapped a few pictures of other yard salers as I've had requests for more "people pictures". These were some of the views around our little parking lot.

And of a sale just down the road.

Then the story turns ugly.

It started raining and raining and the winds started blowing. They let up on Sunday morning just long enough to give everyone a glimmer of hope and get things dried off. And then it poured some more and God only knows when it stopped because I was long gone.

I spent two hours doing my take-down in what had turned into a big mud hole. By the time I was finished, me and my tent were one big soaking wet, muddy mess. I was way too...ah, lets just say "not amused" to take any pictures. No one wants to read about that and I'm not ready to relive it just yet.

So...that may be my last Blue Water Yard Sale Trail for awhile. Did I mention the last time I did this particular YST it rained almost all weekend? If you hear me talking about it next summer...please remind me how unhappy I was!

Speaking of happy! The awesome Sandra Ree aka Bubble Babble has given me the perfect award to refocus my thoughts...

I don't read Portuguese...but I think this is a tree of happiness award. And I should list 6 things that make me happy right now! Yea!! I would much rather think about thing that make me happy...

1.) I'm happy that at this moment I am clean, dry and warm. (Did I mention that the temperature Sunday morning was in the 50's! It's August for gosh sake!)

2.)...that I have a roof over my head to keep me dry. (...as long as I stay home!)

3.)...and that I own plenty of great rain-gear. (...if only I had the sense to take it with me when I left home!)

4.) I'm really happy that I have a shower and a hot water heater and can take all the nice long, hot showers I want. (cold and wet as a combination of sensations mostly s*^k!)

5.) I'm very happy that I have a sweet friend named Kevin that will listen to me complain about my misery for far longer than most people. (...did I mention that he was warm and dry at home while I was cold, wet and muddy)

6.) I'm happy that, in the big scheme of things, I really have so little in my life to be unhappy about!!

Thanks Sandra...that was fun! I think I'm feeling better now!!

Happy Treasure Hunting!!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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