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I've been to a couple of estate sales recently that have left me feeling a little bittersweet. The first one I posted on back in June. In talking with the couple that were conducting the sale I was told about the woman whose possessions were being sold. They said she had kept meticulous records on her belongings. They found ledgers in the house that described items, where they were located in her home, where they had come from and whom they were to go to. None of her items were listed as to be sold at an estate sale. One of the items I bought at that sale was marked on the bottom "farm" and her husbands family name. It was a beautiful old sugar shaker. It had apparently belonged to her husband's family. No more. I didn't want to be rude and ask why the family hadn't taken the things it was obviously so important to her that they have. But I couldn't help wondering.

I went to another sale a couple of weeks ago and found these.

I love vintage I snapped them up...barely looking at them. The gentleman running the sale told us the woman whose home this was died recently at age, I believe he said, 99. Her 96 year old sister was at the sale and actually in the room with me when I laid claim to these lovely old garments. Some of the clothing had notes pinned and taped to them. When I got home I hung them on the line and had a closer look.

This old blue dress looks like a hard working dress. It has two notes attached to it.

This dress was homemade. Some stitches by machine and others by hand. I can't help wondering what kind of woman Augusta was and what she did wearing this dress. And I have a warm spot for the granddaughter that would take such good care of her grandmother's dress for so many years. Labeling it, so that whoever found it would know a little something of a woman she must surely have loved very much.

This nightgown belonged to Augusta also.

This green dress was tagged too. Homemade on a machine. Fine work with nice detailing.

From what I can gather by putting the notes together...this dress belonged to Augusta's daughter Ellen...the homeowners mother.

And yes there were some socks in one of the boxes that must have belonged to Lewis...maybe Ellen's husband.

The last item that was labeled was this baby's dress.

If I understand correctly Ellen made this dress in 1910, when she would have been 26years old, for one of her children. The detailing is just beautiful! I will no doubt be showing you these clothes again when they have been cleaned and ironed. I can't wait to see them!!

What I find so bittersweet about these two sales were how important family was to these women...and how there is either no family left to inherit their legacy or worse...none who care. I'm glad there are those of us who treasure the past whether it belongs to our own families or to a larger human family.

Thanks for hanging in there and reading this story. My shadow shot for this Sunday is "Shadows on the Past".

I hope you will all stop by Hey Harriets to see what the other shadow shooters have for you!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
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