Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ESTATE SALE TEASE...and a promise

Today's post comes by way of suggestion from Lauren...a reader of this blog. In an email Lauren wrote "Oh, and I NEVER get tired of seeing and reading about things you find at sales. It's addicting." It sure is Lauren...addicting...but that's a whole other post..or 10! Let's just say I think it is one of the more "healthy" addictions!

What really got me thinking was the part about "...seeing and reading about things you find". I've been trying...with moderate success...to avoid sales recently as I have a lot of inventory to work with right now. But then my husband put this clipping on my desk...

...I know where this is...it's less than a block from our house! I've been wanting to get into this building for 6 years!!

The story goes that there were two bachelor brothers that lived here in town and ran this antique store. It hadn't been open for years before we moved in. One of the brothers lived in a small apartment next door and was an artist.

And the other brother lived in a house somewhere in the village. Apparently one or both of the brothers are now deceased. The sale will be in the shop and the "residence" next door...where the "artist" brother lived.

Over the years I've talked around town trying to meet one of these two gentlemen in hopes of gaining entry to the building...to no avail. I'd wanted not only a chance to shop...but I wanted to see inside the building. I love old buildings! This one was built in 1908 and not only had the antique shop downstairs but had apartments upstairs. I would love to see those apartments! I doubt that the company will let anyone upstairs...but hey...half my dream is coming true. I'm getting to see the shop...and to shop! I tried to peek in the windows...as I have many times before...but it's hard to see much. Look at those old tin ceilings!

For a better look at some of the items in the sale click here. See anything you need?

My husband spoke with one of the people from Lawson's and what he understood is that they expect to have two more sales to clean out these two buildings! Guess I won't be having to travel far for inventory for a while?!

So what we have here Lauren...is a tease and a promise! The sale starts Thursday and I will post pictures of Part I of my haul sometime that afternoon...promise! If you don't see a post up by Thursday evening...please send help!!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™

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