Monday, October 6, 2008


Over the weekend, I had a neat thing happen. I sold an antique/vintage bowler hat from my ebay store.

Sales are always a good thing! This sale was even better because of who bought it. Most of the time when someone buys something really have no idea who your customer is. Sure, you have a name and address...but what does that tell you?! Lack of face to face contact is one of the drawbacks to selling online. But this sale was different...

A man by the name of Mark Maysey bought the hat. I sent him my usual email telling him that his hat was packed up and would be on its way in the Monday morning mail...he emailed me back.

"...I'm looking forward to the hat as I bought it for a friend who loves that style and wears them everyday. Take care now!

If you get a little break from eBay, please check out one of my latest songs I've posted to You Tube."

This is what I found at the other end of the link he attached.... (you'll want to stop my Playlist down in the left sidebar before you play this video.)

How cool is that?! Mark is retired from the aerospace industry and pursuing his passion as a singer/songwriter. He even has a CD!

Mark and I emailed back and forth and he sent me another link. In this one he does a cover of a John Hartford tune...I love it! If you're an acoustic /folk /bluegrass fan check this one out...and check out that chapeau!

Just awesome Mark! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your passion!! And thanks again for buying that hat! I hope your friend enjoys it!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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