Tuesday, October 14, 2008

THIS IS WHY I LOVE GARAGE SALES...and a little gratuitous nudity

This weekend on the way to the grocery store I got a little side tracked. Nothing new there! I followed a sign that said "Huge Moving Sale". (It's nearly the end of the yard sale season here...so I couldn't pass this one up...it may well be 6 months before I get a chance to go to another one). And I'm so glad I did...because I found a new friend! Please excuse her nudity...she's a bit of an exhibitionist.

I felt an instant connection with her...she's a little handicapped.

Hers is obviously physical...mine is mental...whatever...I can still relate.

At first I was a little intimidated by her beauty...

...just look at those eyelashes!

But then I thought...hey, at least I have hands. And what I lack in obvious showiness...I make up for in inner beauty! We can definitely be friends! We balance each other!! So I loaded her up and brought her home.

And found her some clothes!

Vintage of course! 1920's hat. 1950's coat. It's getting cold here. I had some nice long black gloves that I thought would help her feel less self conscious about her hands...but I can't find them. I think she looks great!!

We already had our first fight!

I told her I was gonna snatch her head bald it she didn't stop looking at me like that! (Like I said...I have a bit of a mental handicap...it happens when you spend too much time alone! Ok, so I just couldn't resist a little stupid humor!) She even looks good bald!

Anyway, here's the deal. My new friend didn't come with a name...so instead of the usual monthly giveaway...lets have a contest. It will be totally subjective. Anyone who would like to be the new owner of this cool vintage brooch...

...it's a nice size for your winter coat and goes with most colors...

...just suggest any or as many names for my new friend as you like. At the end of the month she and I will run thru the list of suggestions and choose which one we like best. I'll send who's ever suggestion we choose the brooch as thanks! Sound like fun? So what does she look like to you...a Sally, Susie, Joan?

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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