Friday, October 3, 2008

...What A Long Strange Trip It's Been...


I'm back. Well, actually I've been back...sort of...since Monday night...but I really didn't know quite how to jump back in.

I've never had anyone die during a vacation before...but it happened this three. I don't think anyone wants me to go into details...pretty much a major downer...lets just say my vacation didn't quite turn out as planned! Before anyone totally freaks out...I have to say, it was no one I was close to...but was close to other family members. Not totally unexpected...but shocking all the same.

So, if you don't mind...I'm just going to skip to some of the brighter moments and try to forget the rest ever happened!!

The morning of our first full day I watched the sun rise over the mountains from my brother and sister-in-laws Evergreen living room. Nice way to enjoy your coffee.

Later that day Mike and Inge (brother & SIL) took us on a fun self guided tour called "Open Door Studios". It's a home tour like program put on by the Evergreen Artists Association. It was really cool and unique to me.

There were 24 artists on the tour. We visited with photographers, painters, woodworkers and jewelers in their home studios.

Two that I especially enjoyed visiting with were Ted Garcia an artist who works with oils. That's him in the hat chatting with Mike and Inge.

He even does some whimsical all know how much I love my whimsy!!

Ted has an amazing range of subject matter. From portraits to still life, landscapes to abstract, he even does paintings of least one of which was featured on the Discovery Channels, American Choppers. Hard to believe all that art came out of the same person.

I also really enjoyed visiting with Ginny Sycuro a glass bead artist and jeweler. She does some beautiful work! Unfortunately I do not take beautiful photos! How pitiful is this?

That bracelet with the yellow flower was soooo cool! I can't believe I took such a cr*ppy photo of it. The rest didn't come out any better...but here's the best of them. Cool bookmarks...

and I think these were bottle stoppers. Great little gifts!

She also does some very whimsical designs! I couldn't resist this cute little pig key chain...

This is Ginny at work.

While I was there I talked to her about Etsy and looks like she has started blogging herself since we visited her! I hope you'll pay her a visit and welcome her to the blogisphere!

I have to share these with you all too. While we were enjoying the art...Kevin was stalking elk. Can you believe these big boys just make themselves at home in peoples back yards?! Well, I'm sure you can if you live in the mountains, but for the rest of us...seems a little crazy!

Ok...enough of "what I did on my summer vacation" least for this post. I need to announce who Millie and Willie are going to live with....drum roll please....

Brooklyn it is! (DOH! That's my head!) I know Millie and Willie are going to love going to the Opera with Pat!! E-mail me your address Pat and our little friends will be on their way!

As always...I'm sorry everyone can't win each and every month. But I thank you all, so much, for being such loyal readers and friends!!!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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