Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I've been hid away in my little hole here for days...listing, listing, listing...and packing, packing, packing...having trouble thinking of anything else. Little did I know, that on Sunday evening (Australian time),Brisbane was hammered by a hellacious storm...a cyclone apparently...worst in 25 years...500 homes hit...40 thousand without power!

No one can make the word cr*p sound so lovely as an Aussie girl.

Thoughts and prayers out to the residents of Brisbane and doubly so to our own BrisStyle friends! I hope you and yours are all dry, safe, sound and powered up!

In less pressing news an unnamed blogger has a zit the size of a mountain on her nose...sorry no video footage.

No post would be complete without a bit of eye candy. I did manage to get out of my cave for a bit last weekend to go to a craft show with my Mum. Of course as luck would have it we stumbled across an unexpected estate sale. Some of the finds have already been listed, sold and shipped off...a stool is winging its way to Japan as I type. A couple of the larger things are still lodged in the back of my Blazer...more on that later. At our true destination I found this....

How cute is that?! In the second photo I think my bag looks like a frog face! Love it!! I gave the nice woman who made it a big pitch on Etsy...she'd never heard of it...I think she'd do very well there!

Okay...back to work for me...I've lots of packing and shipping to get done this morning! Hurray!!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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