Monday, December 15, 2008


Yesterday on Shadow Shot Sunday Nihal of Crossroads brought up an interesting topic...real v.s. fake Christmas trees. Which is better for the environment?

For regular readers of my blog, you know concern for the environment is at the heart of my business. As much as I love old things for their own sake...I also love the fact that vintage aficionados around the world are helping to preserve our environment by recycling, restyling, re-purposing and recreating elements of our past...thereby keeping untold tons of would-be trash out of landfills. For many of us lovers of vintage our efforts do not end at fashion or home is a pervasive lifestyle. We recycle everything from household trash to packing materials, buy locally and organically, walk, bike or use public transportation when ever possible. It is in the forefront of our minds. We are an eco-conscious lot, us lovers of all things old.

So when Nihal mentioned her plans for purchasing a retro style artificial tree...well it seemed like a good opportunity to offer up a little food for thought.

I found an interesting clip, addressing this topic, from Miles Grant of The Green Miles.Net...

I also found a lot of great information in this article by Kimberly Crandell on Scientific Blogging.

When it comes to the environment it is not always a one size fits all solution. There can often be many factors to consider. For example when we lived in Colorado we always bought "bagged and balled" trees. We had lots of property to plant them on and there were not as many nearby Christmas tree farms. We had great success in that climate with the trees surviving a winter transplant. Now that we live in Michigan tree farms are much more prevalent and we no longer have anywhere to plant live trees.

For artificial trees I recommend vintage aluminum. These trees can be recycled should they ever become damaged beyond repair, with the least environmental impact. And of course it is better to continue using any vintage artificial tree rather then packing it off to the landfill. However, I hope anyone considering buying a new artificial tree will take all factors into consideration before making that purchase.

I hope this gives some good food for thought to anyone struggling with this decision. Thanks to Nihal for opening up the issue. The first step is always to thoughtfully consider the issue and try to make the most environmentally sound decision for your unique situation.

Happy Holidays and
Happy Treasure Hunting!!
Lisa B.
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