Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday morning I went to part 2 of the huge estate sale I first posted on here...and again here. I found some fun things...but nothing quite fun enough to completely overcome my disappointment. This time they didn't open the big building. The mannequins and dress forms I had been drooling thru the window at weren't for sale! Can I hear a big Waaah! Those beauties were what I really wanted...what I'd been waiting for...coveting...since October! Everything else paled by comparison. How could they leave those girls in that cold, dusty, lonely, old building...and at Christmastime even...when there are so many of us out here just salivating at the chance to give them a proper home!? Big Sigh...oh well....I did manage to find a few other cool things....

These shoe covers are really cool! They are so cute and look like they were never worn.

Love this round American Tourister luggage.

The inside is in great shape...

Best of all...when I looked in the little pocket in the back...along with a couple of bobby pins...I found this....

...and inside that cute little envelope....Aaaa (cue the singing angels)...

I almost never find keys with vintage luggage! How adorable is that little bell hop shape!?! to clean up all the orphaned treasures and start searching for their new homes...maybe in time for Christmas...or New Years?!

Happy Holidays and
Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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