Sunday, January 11, 2009

NoThinG CaN KeEp mE kEeP FrOm yOoOu...Shutter Click & Chat

First I'd like to thank the lovely T. Allen-Mercado of Tea and Honey Bread for this opportunity! So lovely of you to host such a fun gathering!

This is audition week. That's right. In honor of the upcoming season of American Idol, T. is giving us a shot at fame and fortune. An audition...and chance to go to Hollywood!

First, we needed to do a little shopping. Gotta look like the STARS we are! Being a vintage know the look I'm going for!

From LuciteBox...what's $240 for my moment in the spotlight?!

From Lisa's RetroStyle...wait...those are mine. I'll just borrow those from my inventory.

From The Crumpet Closet ...nothing says star like Silver Stilettos!

Now move over's my turn on that stage!! Come on girls...back me up...

That was fun T.!!

Come on everyone...what are you waiting for...get yourself together and go grab your moment in the spotlight!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™

P.S. Monday 1/12/09. I'd like to give a big HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY shout out to Motown Records! Today marks the day, when in 1959 Berry Gordy Jr. secured an $800 loan to start his record company.

Thanks to you Mr. Gordy...and all your Motown artists...I sure have enjoyed all the great music you've brought to us!!


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