Friday, January 9, 2009


For those of you interested in knowing how to get an Etsy Treasury, or any web page for that matter, into the body of your blog post read on.

This is called a screen shot.

Although there are multiple ways of doing this...the following is what I found to be the simplest. I will try to cover methods for both my laptop (os windows XP) and my PC (os Vista) which have different keyboard configurations and different versions of Internet Explorer (IE 6.0 on laptop and IE 7.0 on PC) browsers. If you have a different browser you should be able to google "how do I get a screen shot on...." and find lots of much better turorials. (You can click on any picture to enlarge.)

1.) Open the Treasury or web page that you wish to "copy".

2.) On IE 6.0 go to "view" on your tool bar left click for the drop down and select "full screen".

For IE 7.0 to make the picture fit on my screen I did the following....go to the tool bar...and left click on "Page" for the drop down and go to "zoom" select "zoom out"...or was it "zoom in"'ll have to fool with need to make it smaller (what you are doing is changing the screen resolution so more of the page appears at one time...if you all ready know another way to do all means do what you know). Next go back to the tool bar and click "tools" for the drop down and go to "full screen". You may have to go back and forth zooming in and out until you have the largest version where you can see everything you are trying to get on the "full screen" mode.

3.) Now position the page so that you have everything you want to "copy" visible on your screen.(The "picture" you are about to get will be all/only what you can see on your screen at the moment.)

4.)Next on my laptop I press and hold "FN" (function key) then "prt sc" key(print screen).

On the PC I just press "prt scrn". Your computer has now captured what you are viewing on the screen.

5.) Neither of my photo programs will allow me to save this directly into my photo files. So what I did was open "paint". Left click "edit" select "paste" and your Treasury/screen shot should appear. If you have at least every thing you intended to get...Select "file" then "save as". For "Save as type" select "JPEG". If you did not get what you intended you will have to have another go at getting everything you want properly visible on the screen.

6.)Now you will be able to open this file (you will find it stored with all your photo files) in whatever photo editing program you have and you will be able to edit and post it as you do any other photo.

I do believe this was my first attempt at any type of tutorial. Funny considering how computer illiterate I am! I had no clue what the little "prt sc" was even on my keyboard for.

I hope my instructions make sense and that someone finds it useful. If anyone gives it a shot please let me know how it worked for you. If you need clarification...please feel free to ask.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Hope to see you in the shadows on Sunday!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle


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