Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Last winter, when I made my first foray into the blogosphere, one of the first blogs I stumbled upon was Vintage Goodness. I instantly connected with Mitzi through our shared love of vintage. The more I looked around...the more I wanted to be a part of it all...and I looked to Mitiz for mentor-ship. Following her lead I dove in and join this ever amazing new-found world we call the blogosphere.

Over the last year Mitzi has continued to grow her online business. Not long ago she created a site called the Vintage List (you may have noticed the icon for it in my sidebar). The list is a place where vintage sellers can submit an application and if approved have their online business indexed there.

"The Vintage List is a human edited directory of sites that will serve as your trusted guide to the best that the online vintage community has to offer!"

A great idea given the vastness of the online world.

Recently Mitzi asked if I would like to contribute to the Vintage List Blog. Needless to say I was flattered! I readily/nervously agreed to 2 posts per week. I will be posting on "What's Hot From Member Shops" as well posting interviews with members. This morning I published my first "What's Hot" post. I featured some sweet treats for Valentine's Day! Won't you check them out? Let me try and tempt you a little more...

Is that not a stunning piece!! I think it's just beautiful!!

Continuing with my Mitzi love fest...another of her ventures this last year has been co-hosting The AuctionWally Show on TalkShoe (every time I say that I can't help hearing Ed Sullivan "...reeally big shoe").

I've enjoyed listening to them over this last year and tonight they do have a reeeally big shoooe. Somehow they've managed to snag an interview with Terry Kovel! Yes...that Terry Kovel...author of the "bible" of antique price guides!! How'd they do that?! Guess what I'll be doing a 8:00 PM EST tonight!

I've added a widget to the sidebar for The AuctionWally Show. If your interested in the world of antiques and vintage I recommend you give them a listen. All of the segments are archived...so if the timing isn't convenient...you can listen it to them whenever you like.

Well...I'd better get back to work if I'm going to be finished in time to listen to the reeally big shoe!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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