Thursday, February 5, 2009

VINTAGE are your roping skills?

Last night when I should have been sleeping I got hooked on watching some old classic movies. They brought such a smile to my face that I wanted to share a bit of it.

I love this one! Stick with it to the end and you'll see not only what a terrific dancer Eleanor Powell was...but that lady could rope...and jump rope!!

Hope that puts a little skip in your step and a smile on your face today!!

For all you cowgirls...or cowgirl wannabes out there...I have to mention the kitschy little "made in Japan" planter I have up for auction this week...

How kitschy cool is that?! I like to re-purpose these little vintage planters on desks for pens & pencils...or in bathrooms for tooth brush & paste holders.

I've also posted over at the Vintage List today. It's an interview with Pam Wolfe of Whimsical Vintage Jewelry and Collectibles. Lovely lady with a delightful Etsy shop...tap on over and check her out!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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