Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Apparently a lot of people have known how popular vintage typewriters are...but not me. Not really one for following current trends...or even knowing what they are...{hence my love of antiques and vintage}...I had no clue what a huge following these old babies have.

Mind you...I've always loved them myself. I had one, sitting on an old steamer trunk at the end of my bed, as a teenager. Always the romantic at heart...I imagined myself growing up to be a world traveler {hence the steamer trunk} and award winning writer {hence the typewriter...HA}. Then reality set in.

As a vendor of vintage...but not necessarily a very good business woman...I buy and sell what I like. Including vintage typewriters.

Last summer I had a couple for sale in my booth at Allegan. I remember one jerk gentleman in particular that was looking at this one...

He looked at the price tag and scoffed..."good luck with that. A guy right over their has one for $10...and I saw another one over that way for the same. You ought a go buy 'em all and corner the market if you think they're worth that!{hahaha}".

{picture me standing there with a look of utter shock at how rude some people can be...slowly changing to a look of I'm gonna kick your ass butt right out of this booth if you don't shut up and move along}.

Well, as it turns out he was giving me some sage, albeit sarcastic, advice. To my detriment I was too affronted to take it.

I've sold 1/2 a dozen vintage typewriters in the last 3 months...all I have...completely emptied my inventory.

Curious about this apparent trend...I finally Googled "vintage typewriters" this morning. Look at this...(click photo to enlarge)

The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe! Check out those prices. WOW...good for them. Rest assured...I have not been charging those kinds of prices for mine...nor will I.

Imagine the sticker shock Mr. "good luck with that" would be having if he saw those prices!! I bet he'd be buying up those $10 Allegan typewriters right and left! If there's still some to be had this summer...Mr. good luck will be having to fight me for 'em...and "good luck" to him with that! I may not have grown up to be much of a world traveler or award winning writer...but I can hold my own in a tussle for vintage treasure!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™

p.s. One of the readers of this blog {I forgot who it was} had asked about "striking" out words. As you can see I finally took the time to Google that as well. I found a good tutorial on how to do strike outs and more here.


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