Thursday, February 12, 2009


What a full of highs and lows...and it's not over yet. We had unseasonably warm weather here early in the week with temperatures in the 60's then were plummeted down today into the 30's.

Watching the news of the Australian Bush Fires in Victoria has been heart breaking, to say the least.

(Andrew Brownbill/EPA)
One of the many bushfires which tore through Victoria

To think that someone deliberately set some of the fires that have killed 181 people and God only knows how many animals, destroyed 500 homes and nearly wiped out an entire town. It's just hard to even imagine.

Nothing can make up for loses like that. But it's heartening to know that so many are trying. Members of the Etsy Dust team have set up a benefit Etsy shop. They are taking in donations of goods from Etsy sellers with 100% of the proceeds going to go the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. All items include free shipping.

They are selling their hearts out over there! At the time of this writing, since Sunday the 8th, they have sold 239 items and raised $3,500 AUD. I applaud their remarkable efforts. Please do go over and see if there isn't a little something you need. They will also forward cash donations. I have tried all week to leave a donation with the Australian Red Cross and their site is apparently being the Etsy shop is a good option.

On a higher note Debbie of Talking Trash is hosting a party on Friday to celebrate her 100th post and her mother's birthday! Looks like it will be a hoot!! So be sure to check it out...from what I here there is a prize involved?! At the very least it should be a good laugh!

Last but not least on Friday...not only do I have a party to attend...but an estate sale to go to. So hopefully I'll be coming home with a truck full of treasure to show you all. We'll see?!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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