Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm photographically challenged. Whether in front of or behind the camera, my photos never come out quite as I had hoped.

On Wednesday, Hey Harriet shared some beautiful out takes from a book titled Masters of Photography. It was a wonderful post. I was particularly drawn to the simplicity of a 1928 photo by Andre Kertesz entitled The Fork.

Always an eager learner I thought I would see what I might be able to glean from attempting to emulate Mr. Kertesz's style.

The first thing I learned was that every fork in my drawer has stuff printed on the back of it. I found the markings to be distracting, so I opted for a spoon instead. Better to not outright copy anyway...I suppose.

I guess I'll call it The Spoon. Somehow I don't think the photographic masters have anything to fear from me.

For more...ahem...masterful shadow shots, swing by Hey Harriet's. Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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