Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Who was it that said "anything worth having is worth waiting for"? Someone famous or was it my mother? Whoever it was I couldn't agree more.

I'm still waiting for spring. It's 40 degrees and raining here today. Still cold...but the rain is a good sign. The season of mud rebirth will soon be upon us. While many of you in the southern parts of this country are already watching bulbs bloom, I take heart in this little guy.

Just a little bud of hope on my lilac bush. But that's okay. I'm patient. Spring is worth waiting for. I've got my umbrella handy. Do you have yours?

Jill Ruth ~ Stock in Trade ~ Spring Chicken Vintage ~ Lisa's RetroStyle

I think this year I'll throw a big party for the first day of spring. A welcoming party. Mmmmm...that calls for cupcakes!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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