Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ALLEGAN TALES ~ April Showers

I know there are a few of you out there who have been patiently waiting to hear the tales from Allegan. Now that I've had a couple days to dry out and rest up, let me just say we had an awesome time! Wet but awesome! Fortunately we got set up early Saturday before the rains came. But come they did and it rained and rained and then rained some more. It was one wet weekend.

RetroStyle's Humble Abode

The usual large Allegan crowds did not venture out on this wet weekend. Which meant that I had more time to visit with old friends and make some new ones as well.

This is my "neighbor" Bill. He is a sweetheart of a man. I feel lucky to have him in the tent next door. He sells antique furniture and does the most beautiful restoration work. I'm not sure Bill knows exactly what to make of his retro, colorful, kitschy, crafty neighbor, but he has always been very kind to me! It was good to see him again after the long winter.

I made a new friend in Mr. Don Baker. If I recall correctly Don has been in the antique business for 30 years. He gave me quite an education on tennis rackets and door knobs! He has a collection of over 2,000 tennis rackets!! And now my mother's vintage racket, the very one that I myself used in the 1970's, is a part of his amazing collection. Cool.

While standing outside my tent during a respite from the rain I turned around to see this familiar face.

This is Susan. I met Susan the previous weekend at my garage sale about 155 miles from where we currently stood. She had no idea I sold antiques/vintage and I had no idea she'd ever heard of Allegan, let alone would turn up at my booth this weekend! "Well fancy seeing you here!" Turns out Susan not only loves old things...but she's a blogger too! She authors the blog Pickled Grapes. Turns out we had a LOT to talk about. As Susan and I were talking about the wild and wonderful world of blogging, this lady was perusing cards in the booth.

This is Leigh Ann. Among other things, Leigh Ann does trunk shows for Matilda Jane. She joined in our conversation and I tell you, we three could have talked all day!

Kindred Spirits

So, those are the feel good stories of the weekend. Oh yeah, and between all my chatting...I actually sold some stuff!! WooHoo!!!

But, in the words of Longfellow "Into each life some rain must fall." So here's the rain on my parade. See this lady.

I don't know her name. This is the deal. During one of the major downpours of the day my hubby runs a sandwich into the tent for me and then goes back in our truck. It's a yummy, messy one that I promptly get all over myself. I set my sandwich down on the table and dash around the corner to grab a napkin from the truck. As I run out, that lady is making for the cover of my tent. I'm only gone for a second and when I come back in she is sticking her finger in my sandwich?! When I yell "NO", in a knee-jerk attempt to stop her...she just looks up at me and says "I thought it was fake". I swear I did not hear anything else come out of her mouth. I paused hoping for an "I'm sorry". Nothing. All I could say was "ah...that was my lunch". Still nothing. 10 long, quiet minutes pass. Finally, she picks up an umbrella I have for sale. It's $12. She wants to know if I'll take $8. I say "$10". She says "$9". I think...you have got to be kidding. You come in here poke your finger in my lunch, don't say a damn word to me, then want me to give you a deal on an umbrella in a rainstorm! I should charge you double!!! But there she is...up there in that picture...with her $9 umbrella...off to ruin someone else's lunch! Grrrr!

Then there's these two...from the shadow shot.

I haven't a clue who they are either. They spent the longest time in my booth looking at one of my handmade from vintage bags. They were looking at it this way and that. They even took out a camera and proceeded to take photos. I decided to engage them in a conversation about the bag. I thought maybe they knew someone who had been looking for a bag like it and wanted to send them a photo to see if they wanted this one. When I asked them as much, the one in the white hoodie said no, she just wanted to make one for herself. Then they promptly skedaddled from my booth. Geeze, they could have just asked me for the pattern number! Or better yet if you want to make yourself a purse why not try the fabric store?!

So, those are the highlights and the low-lights from the April Allegan show. I can't wait to see what May brings!!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™


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