Wednesday, June 24, 2009


...Ok, ok, so I'm a procrastinator! I admit it.

The June Allegan show is this coming Sunday. It's not like I haven't been doing anything to get ready, but it seems I've procrastinated on all my biggest projects til today.

This is where I spent my day...

Oh btw, the one thing I'm not procrastinating on is Shadow Shot Sunday. Since I have so much work and so little time and I'll be gone Saturday and Sunday, this is my SSS submission.

Inside are some of the projects.

This table doesn't look too bad in the photo. Mostly It needs those gold bands removed from its legs, since one has been lost. Then it needs some major scrubbing on the chrome legs to get all the rust off.

This metal wardrobe isn't in too bad of shape either. Just needs a little touch up.

These cool old metal cupboards are going to get painted. I still haven't decided on a color...any suggestions?

This is my fav! It's already had some work done on it. It still needs its rubber tires put back on, to be cleaned and it needs a new canopy.

I forgot to get a before photo on this one. It had been in someones garage and was covered in dirt and oil and was missing a leg. It's been washed and has had its first coat and a half of paint.

It's so humid here today that I hauled the locker inside to try and get it to dry a little faster.

Well, I'm off to whip up a little fringed top for that surrey...

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I love old metal fans. I especially love this one. I think it's the color...and the really nice breeze it blows.

I've also been loving Poladroid. I'm not sure why. I guess because it makes photos look all vintagey, and well...I love vintage. Have you tried it? If you'd like to you can find it here.

For more shadowy goodness visit Hey Harriet.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Singing While You Work...

I was working on Etsy listings this morning, when I picked up these Coke glasses...

...I instantly found myself singing....

It's sure to be in my head all day! Now, probably yours as well...hehe...I hope you like it:D It really is quite a happy song...don't cha think?!

While I'm here I'd like to give a shout out to a few people.

First to Karen of Brayton Homestead Interiors, for passing along this sweet little award.

Thanks so much Karen. I'm honored.

And to talented artist Dallas Shaw. Dallas recently purchased a suitcase from my Etsy Vintage Shop to use as a display piece for an upcoming show. She's been blogging about the show on Dilly Dallas and she kindly sent me a photo of the suitcase in its new job.

Thanks Dallas...not only for purchasing the suitcase, but for the photo. It really is great fun seeing old things put back to use!

Last but not least, many thanks to Susan of Susantiques for including my market basket in her lovely treasury!

Thanks Susan. Your kindness is very much appreciated!

Okay, back to those Coke glasses....I'D LiKe tO Buy tHe wOrlD a CoKe aNd kEeP iI coMpaNY...

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It was overcast here for most of the day. When the sun finally came out late this afternoon I headed for my camera to get outside and catch me a shadow, but before I could get out, this shadow caught me. I noticed the mock orange tree casting some neat shadows on the screen of our sunroom.

I'm not really sure how or why it was making this shadow...but there it was.

This one more clearly shows leaves. I like the texture of the screen on the photo.

Hope everyone is having a leisurely weekend. For more shadow play skip over to Hey Harriet and follow the links...

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homemade TV Dinners ~ Who Knew?

We got our first CSA box from our local organic farm earlier this week. Among other yummies we got some nice bunches of Swiss chard and kale. I thought I'd get out the cookbooks and see if I could find something new and exciting to do with these greens.

While digging through my books I found this one...

I have no idea where I got it. Although it has nothing to do with fresh greens, I couldn't help flipping through it anyway. Printed in 1973.

I found this page particularly fascinating weird strangely intriguing.

It's a tutorial on how to make your own TV dinners...compartment containers and all.

Really?! In 1973?! Who did that? I know my mother didn't! Commercially made TV dinners had been on the market for a good 20 years. Have you ever made a homemade TV dinner or known anyone who has?

Huh...who knew?

Oh, and by the way, if you've got any good ideas for Swiss chard or kale...send them my way:D

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle™

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last night I attended another recital. Piano this time. Again featuring none other than the multi-talented Miss Maggie May. Maggie treated us to a very dignified rendition of the Beach Boys, Fun Fun Fun. She did an outstanding job!

It was a lovely recital and I enjoyed it immensely:P While listening to the music I happened to looked up and noticed this captivating shadow...

As always, cruise on over to Hey Harriet's for more fun, fun, fun in the shadows. Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing weekend!

Happy Treasure Hunting!
Lisa B.
Lisa's RetroStyle

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


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