Wednesday, June 24, 2009


...Ok, ok, so I'm a procrastinator! I admit it.

The June Allegan show is this coming Sunday. It's not like I haven't been doing anything to get ready, but it seems I've procrastinated on all my biggest projects til today.

This is where I spent my day...

Oh btw, the one thing I'm not procrastinating on is Shadow Shot Sunday. Since I have so much work and so little time and I'll be gone Saturday and Sunday, this is my SSS submission.

Inside are some of the projects.

This table doesn't look too bad in the photo. Mostly It needs those gold bands removed from its legs, since one has been lost. Then it needs some major scrubbing on the chrome legs to get all the rust off.

This metal wardrobe isn't in too bad of shape either. Just needs a little touch up.

These cool old metal cupboards are going to get painted. I still haven't decided on a color...any suggestions?

This is my fav! It's already had some work done on it. It still needs its rubber tires put back on, to be cleaned and it needs a new canopy.

I forgot to get a before photo on this one. It had been in someones garage and was covered in dirt and oil and was missing a leg. It's been washed and has had its first coat and a half of paint.

It's so humid here today that I hauled the locker inside to try and get it to dry a little faster.

Well, I'm off to whip up a little fringed top for that surrey...


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