Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, will you look at that, another 9 days just flew by. Where are all these days going so quickly? I'm seeing a new pattern emerging here. Maybe I should just surrender to it.

A sad thing happened in our little village the day after my last post. Remember this old building?

I first posted about it here. It was a virtual treasure trove of vintage and antique goodness, a hallowed vault of history. I loved that building and everything in it. Yes, I did say "loved" in past tense. I'm sad to say there's not much left to love.

This is what I saw when I walked out in the street a week ago this last Tuesday to see what all the commotion was....

It was like a punch to the gut. That wonderful old building was on fire. Firefighters battled the flames throughout the night.

Although they were able to spare the buildings on either side of the Roune Gallery and no one was hurt...they lost the battle to save the building. By morning this is all that was left...

After all that fire it's amazing how that lumber remained unscathed. A bystander spied something else that had survived the flames and a firefighter retrieved it for her.

Turns out it was a 1960's - 70's era wallpaper book with newspaper clippings inside. After having a look at it she decided she wasn't interested in keeping it. So ya'll know me. I lugged that water logged book home, disassembled it and cleaned off the pages. I can't believe the only "damage" to it was that it was wet. Fortunately being wet isn't a problem for wallpaper.

Of course I took that big stack of wallpaper to the Allegan show last weekend. I'm happy to say quite a few of the pages have found their way to happy new homes. Including these three pieces...which were my absolute favorites! It was hard to let those go....

I know their sweet new owner will thoroughly enjoy them. Are those not just the coolest wallpapers?! Love'em!

Speaking of was a great show! Tons of shoppers. Many on the hunt for furniture and I was happy to send them off with some cool pieces that I was getting tired of looking at! You can only move a piece of matter how many times before you're glad to send it on it's way:D

Some of the new messenger bags sold too. This lovely lady was kind enough to model her new bag...

How cute is she?! That bag and her outfit go together great!

Hope everyone is having a stupendous week! See ya in 9 days;)


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