Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last weekend I went to the "Back to the Bricks" car cruise in Flint, Michigan. I was born and spent much of my childhood in Flint. It has been a city in decline since the late 60's or early 70's. Although I haven't seen the movie since it came out in 1989, as I recall, Roger and Me depicts Flint pretty accurately.

Despite its pitiful state, I do have a little soft spot in my heart for this underdog city. I've been pleased to see small but positive changes in recent years and it gives me hope. Back to the Bricks is one of those changes. Rarely does one see this many people in downtown Flint.

I feel like a bit of a traitor saying this (I'm pretty sure T-bird's were made in Detroit), but a vintage Thunderbird is my all time favorite classic car.

A properly loyal Flintoid would have chosen the homegrown Corvette...

But lets face it...there is no room in either of those for all my junk finds anyway! What I really need is something more like this.

Now that's a car I could live with and it's even a Chevy!

Plenty of room back there.

And since I love to camp, I'm betting that old school SUV could even pull this little thing...

How cute!

There were an amazing number of cars at the cruise. Here's a few more that caught my eye.

If your interested in seeing more about the 2009 Back to the Bricks you can check out the video. I think it's a bit over 8 minutes, so be warned.


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