Thursday, August 27, 2009


I really enjoy knowing the ownership history of the things I buy and sell. I like to know to whom things belonged and to whom they will belong in the future. It's a sentimental notion that we are somehow connected by these old possessions.

About a month ago a lovely gal by the name of Sheila purchased a hoop slip from my Etsy shop. She loved it and wrote to tell me so. Very sweet of her! A couple weeks after that she wrote me again to let me know that she had worn the slip to a Faire and was quite pleased with it.

Sheila enjoys going to Renaissance Faires and delights in dressing in period appropriate attire. She was kind enough to send me photos of her in costume...

She looks beautiful! Although it can't be seen...underneath it all is that antique hoop slip! Many thanks to Sheila for allowing me the satisfaction of knowing what exactly has become of this treasure. It certainly is good to know that it is in such happy hands!


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