Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The last few days here have been just perfect. Perfect temperature. Bright sunshine. Lovely breezes. Perfect. So far, I am loving August!

Given the beautiful weather, I was very happy to be outside...even if it did involve doing laundry.

I recently found a couple of old laundry tubs at a sale.

I especially liked this one because of its lid, even though cosmetically it needs some attention.

I was also amused by its name...

"Maid of Honor" was a housewares product line introduced by Sears in 1945.

Fortunately the inside was looking much better than the outside.

On my 3 day shopping binge last week, I acquired a LOT of vintage clothing, linens and assorted textiles. Most of them were in great condition. But a number of them needed a good soak. Like this Strawberry tablecloth...

Since it was so beautiful outside, I thought I'd give my new old washtub a go. I filled it up out on the patio and did my laundry retro style!

I must say I rather enjoyed doing laundry outside. Usually this soaking would take all the sinks and tubs in my house. Since it needs to soak for several hours (at least) it would've been a real pain tying up the kitchen sink for that long. This worked perfect! The tub holds a lot, and when it was finished was only a few steps to the line.

A perfectly lovely way to spend a perfectly beautiful summer day! And that strawberry tablecloth...nearly perfectly clean:)

Hope you're enjoy some summer perfection of your own!


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