Friday, May 21, 2010

Brimfield and Shadows...

Brimfield was CRAZY!

Due to some unexpected circumstances I ended up alone in our booth for much of the show. For better or worse I missed out on most of the large scale chaos and settled in for our own little slice of insanity.

The week started out rainy...

One of the most pleasant surprises for me were the many international shoppers who were buying in bulk for shops overseas. This chair was one of the items going to Apostrophe in Belgium.

I was thrilled to meet Martin and Will a father and son team from the UK with a shop in London that looks incredible! The shop is called The Old Cinema and I look forward to visiting it some day soon.

Martin and Will come to Brimfield twice a year and fill a container to ship across the pond. Once they've hunted down all their treasures, they use this truck to gather their haul back to their container.

We were quite pleased to be able to pack off a rather nice sized collection of things with them...including the large pile of wooden folding chairs you see in the back of the truck.

Many thanks to Martin and Will! We look forward to seeing you both again in May 2011!!

We also sold a nice little lot of things to the more local Vermont Country Store...Many thanks to them as well!!

I'm not sure what I was expecting of Brimfield...but it turned out to be a wonderful "wholesale" experience.

The only shopping I was able to fit in was at my neighbors booth...

...Lisa Price of stuff!!

At some point during the week it turned beautifully sunny and of course I couldn't help but notice all the lovely shadows and think of Shadow Shot Sunday and home...


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