Friday, September 3, 2010

A Tale of Two Newspapers - Part 1

A couple of old newspapers found their way into my hands vintage and one antique. I'll be sharing them with you here in 2 parts...first the vintage part.

Packed away in a cupboard and forgotten about, this is a Sunday supplement of The Detroit Free Press from May 4, 1975.

I was most interested in the advertising in it.(Click on photos to enlarge for a better look).

I'm rather partial to the Serta Denim Divan...and the price $94.99!

Check out those Merry Mushroom canisters!

Did anyone really wear those pendants?

The Sassy little culotte dresses are really cute!

I heart the Revelations leather wedgies in the left upper corner!

Anything you heart from the 70's?

I'll post on the antique (1916) paper here next Friday.


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