Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fabulosity ~ Formica and Chrome

We found several 1950's and 60's Formica and chrome dinning sets this summer...woot woot! They've all been sitting out in the garage waiting for my attention.

One set in particular has been quietly calling out to me from the garage..."I really should be in your kitchen Lisa. It's dark and dirty and crowded out here. You know you love me. Please come get me out of this mess." Its pleading was persuasive.

This afternoon I went and dug the pleading little beauty out.

Isn't it lovely...even in pieces?

It needs a good cleaning. Lots of SOSing to be done on the chrome. Most of the work is in the chairs. They need to be re-covered.

But look at those do-dads on the backs! I've never found any like that before...I don't even remember seeing any like that before. Fabulous!!

Ok. Better get to work. I want them sitting pretty in the kitchen by Sunday morning breakfast:)

I'll post some "afters" next week. Happy weekend!!


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