Friday, December 17, 2010

Library of Congress ~ Advertising in America

I've recently found a new favorite hangout...The Library of Congress (the online version that is). Have you been there? What a phenomenal amount of easy to get lost!

As regular readers know, I have a fascination with vintage, it was no surprize that one of the first places I gravitated to was "advertising in America".

I found some wonderful photos of vintage/antique billboards and other signage. All photos are Courtesy of © 2000 Duke University Part of American Memory at the Library of Congress. Please click on the images for a closer look. 

These photos are all part of the R. C. Maxwell Company (1909 - 1929) collection. I love this one...

And this one is cool...all lit up...

I especially enjoy enlarging the photos that include people in them. I think it's really cool when you can see their faces and dress up close.

Notice in this one, the sign that directs you to get a ticket for the "bathing ground"...I'm guessing that would be the beach (haha)?  Also notice the lone woman in her bathing suit.

You can view the entirety of this collection as well as hundreds more here.


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