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Candy, Kids and Costumes

An October Night
By Charles Audette 
The wind whispers
A wary warning
There was plenty, still
Early this morning

These primal urges
Are hard to fight
An unholy diet
A dark appetite

The pavement scrapes
With scuttling leaves
I'll pull the drapes
And hope to deceive

The moon suffocates
In ominous clouds
Shut off the lights
Heartbeats too loud

Then the neighbor's gate creaks
But it's not the wind
That seeks to feast
On fearing humans

Red brake lights
A car crawls by slow
The shadowy shapes
On my dark doorstep know

That the empty window
Of my house lies.
The horrible truth
Hides deep inside

Everything tonight
Could have been just dandy
But now the demons have wrath -
Cause I ate all the candy!

My two favorite things about Halloween are candy and costumes. If it weren't for the anticipation of all the cute kiddies in costume I would no doubt eat all my candy long before the big night arrives.

So, as reminders of why I bought all these tasty treats...I've rounded up some sweet vintage photos.

This dour looking child looks like she could really use a sweet treat...

Can you say AdOraBlE!

Now that's what I call a good teacher to student ratio! Those poor kids look like they never got away with anything :(

This one I know personally...big brother as little penguin circa late 1950's.
Lisa's RetroStyle's Big Brother

I'm not sure how little sis is standing...she looks asleep...and notice her index finger appears cramped from holding her candy pail...

Of course lots of us big kids like to get in on the action too...

Lisa's RetroStyle's Cousin

While it's a bit late for this's never too early to get stared on next years costume. I just found these in a box of patterns I was listing this week...

I think I like the cowboy/cowgirl one the best. You can find these patterns here, here, here and here.

Do you have a favorite part of Halloween?

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Retro Music Monday ~ Gladys Knight and The Pips

This week in 1973 Gladys Knight and The Pips were in the midst of a 2 week run at the top of the charts with the Midnight Train To Georgia

(you'll want to pause the player on the right sidebar before starting the video)

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Retro Music Monday ~ Cyndi Lauper

Beginning this week in 1986 Cyndi Lauper held the number one spot on the charts for 2 weeks with True Colors. 

(you'll want to pause the player on the right sidebar before starting the video)

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Friday Fabulosity ~ Formica and Chrome Part II

Can I get a big TA DA...the chrome and Formica dinette from last week...finito!

The fabric is a little more Lilly Pulitzer than I would have thought to use. But when I found it buried in my fabric closet...and it was such a good match for the table...I thought...why not! Turns out I love it! 


And I still love love love those do-dads on the backs!


WooHoo...another project done and done.  Happy weekend everyone!!

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Retro Music Monday ~ Four Tops

This week in 1966 marks the beginning of a 2 week run at the top of the charts for the Four Tops with Reach Out, I'll Be There.

(you'll want to pause the player on the right sidebar before starting the video)

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Friday Fabulosity ~ Formica and Chrome

We found several 1950's and 60's Formica and chrome dinning sets this summer...woot woot! They've all been sitting out in the garage waiting for my attention.

One set in particular has been quietly calling out to me from the garage..."I really should be in your kitchen Lisa. It's dark and dirty and crowded out here. You know you love me. Please come get me out of this mess." Its pleading was persuasive.

This afternoon I went and dug the pleading little beauty out.

Isn't it lovely...even in pieces?

It needs a good cleaning. Lots of SOSing to be done on the chrome. Most of the work is in the chairs. They need to be re-covered.

But look at those do-dads on the backs! I've never found any like that before...I don't even remember seeing any like that before. Fabulous!!

Ok. Better get to work. I want them sitting pretty in the kitchen by Sunday morning breakfast:)

I'll post some "afters" next week. Happy weekend!!

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Retro Music Monday ~ The Beatles

Beginning this week in 1965 The Beatles spent 4 weeks at the top of the charts with Yesterday.

(you'll want to pause the player on the right sidebar before starting the video)


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