Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Finds ~ Cold Got Ya Down?

Just when I thought we were going to make it thru the winter sans colds or flu...bam...we're down for the count! Between tv, trashy novels and sneezing...this week finds me surfing for "cold" comforts.

This pretty card is sure to give the reciever a little lift! I wonder if the maker would send it directly to the recipient...what a great service that would be! Especially when one is feeling too crummy get out card shopping.

What a sweet sentiment (and very clever idea)...with a bottle of these I could wish myself better :)

Perhaps, if I had taken this...I would have not gotten sick to start with.

Cute my favorite color. Bet those would put a spring in my step!

A treasury for all us sickies. Here's hoping we all feel better soon...

Happy weekend!


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