Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fun ~ Texas Antique Week

As you may have heard, LRS and Co. finally made it to the big Texas shows. A couple of weekends ago we flew down to see what all the fuss was about in Warrenton and Round Top. Well, I tell you...there is plenty to fuss over. There are a TON of vendors and even more buyers. The Warrenton / Round Top area is a veritable circus! We had a great time...and as usual were so busy looking at stuff that we neglected to take many photos.

Other towns in the area got in on the fun too....and since we love getting a bit off the beaten path...we headed out for Carmine, Shelby and the environs. 

These two characters waved us into what used to be an old lumber yard in the town of Carmine. We found some sweet deals there...and a real nice proprietress.


I just love this old building. As I recall it was on the outskirts of Carmine. Most of their old stuff is what you see setting outside...but they are hoping to get multiple vendors inside for one of the upcoming shows. The building used to be a car dealership. Did I say I LOVE it?

I didn't take any photos of Fayetteville or Shelby...but we really enjoyed visiting them and found some nice little garage sales along the way!

You know how they always say everything in Texas is BIG...including the hair. Well, I'm here to tell ya, they're right! This lady's hair is so big it was sticking out the top of her hat ;)


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