Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fun ~ America's Wonderlands

I was looking for something on the bookshelf today when this old book caught my eye. I hadn't looked at it in I pulled it down.
1966 edition of America's Wonderlands The National Parks, by the National Geographic Society. I adore our National Park system...we are so lucky to have them!!

I LOVE the photos in the book. The natural beauty is amazing...and I get a kick out of the photos featuring people.

Folks camping in Sequoia. I wonder if she's practicing her smoke signals...or she's just burned their dinner.

Sailing off Cape Cod....or as the book reads "heeling to a spanking breeze".

Surf casters cruising the Cape Cod shoreline.

Brewing a pot of coffee in Shenandoah. She really reminds me of my mother!

Picnicking on the shore at Olympic National Park.

Campers at Yosemite. Check out those webbed aluminum chairs!

Any plans to visit a National Park in your future?


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