Friday, December 9, 2011

I Heart Fridays ~ Farwell Class of 1958

A while back, on a drive to my booth in Elk Rapids, I stopped in at the flea market in Farwell. I picked up a few things...including these photos. Senior pictures of the Farwell class of 1958. I'm not sure why...but they looked like a swell bunch of kids...and I just couldn't leave them behind.

To me, they all look quite mature for their years...especially measured against today's standards.

All the backs have something written on them. Most were to the effect of "...its been great knowing you and best of luck in the future."

A few had more interesting things written on the backs. These are a few that amused me.

This last one was probably my favorite...

Sad to see that 6 of the 26 have been marked deceased. I'm wondering if the previous owner is deceased as well. Perhaps that's how the photos ended up at the flea heirs were interested in them. Doubtful I'll ever know...but I love the photos!

Now, the question is what to do with them? Any suggestions?


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