Wednesday, June 5, 2013

University Ave., formerly 3rd Ave., in Flint, MI is one of 100 "Main Streets" across the US and Canada vying to be 1 of 20 winners in the Benjamin Moore "Main Street Matters" facade revitalization campaign. 

The University and Downtown areas of Flint have come a long way in recent years. I'm amazed to witness the rebirth of this city who is clearly on its way to reinventing itself as a college town. 

University Ave., once a thriving street in a factory town just across the river from the infamous Chevy in the Hole, is now flanked at one end by the campus of Kettering University and on the other by University of Michigan- Flint. It's a fascinating mixed bag of decay and new growth. Next to a crumbling over grown  parking lot and abandoned buildings, a new modern building beckons. Next to new street signs directing you to hubs of activity are signs warning trespassers and would be arsonist that they are "fair game". Next to dilapidated and boarded houses are beautifully restored homes.

As a former Flint resident...I tip my hat to those persistent residents who have stood strong, and to those newcomers who are breathing new life into the city...kudos to you all! Flint is working hard to preserve its hard-working history. Let's give them a hand...

Voting on the "Main Street Matters" campaign continues thru June 30th. A vote for Flint would be much appreciate!! You can do so by going here...clicking on the blue "mitten" and choosing Flint from the list on the red, left side more click to cast the vote and you're done! If you're super can vote daily!!

I'm really looking forward to posting photos of those beautified facades with their fresh coats of paint!!


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